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Managing finances is a difficult task that requires constant attention…

We understand that the process becomes increasingly difficult with age.

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We want to help during this stressful time.

Our service was designed by aggregating the financial service recommendations of trusted elder-care sources into a single service provider called Assisted Finance®.

Many birds, one stone — Assisted Finance offers personalized and professional financial assistance such as coordinating your income tax and legal estate planning, to help you and your parents better understand and feel secure in their finances.

Factors that are crucial to understanding and maintaining your parents’ finances:

  • Where your parents keep their financial records
  • Their resources — financial institutions, account types, and account numbers
  • Their monthly bills — mortgage, insurance premiums, credit card debt, and utilities
  • Income and whether they’ve received the money they’re owed (settlement income, alimony, social security, etc.)
  • Whether they receive veterans benefits, medicare, medicaid, or social security
  • Whether they have long-term care insurance
  • Who is their attorney, CPA, and financial planner

We here at Assisted Finance will reliably return results by catering specific services to you, with your parents [seniors] in mind.

  • Bookkeeping – review of expenses, maintenance of a Mint account (Intuit product®), monthly book balancing
  • Bill paying service
  • Analysis of unusual transactions
  • Semi-annual Personal Financial Statements
  • Maintained basic EverSafe account
  • Vault of important legal and financial documents 
  • Listing of contacts such as, family, attorney, doctors
  • Annual income tax return preparation
  • Scheduled semi-annual phone calls to ensure you are being taken care of and to answer questions

“Can’t I just buy software that provides similar services?”

Unfortunately, seniors are rarely considered in the technology industry. Software is dependent on knowing how to use it. Without that knowledge, it becomes a hindrance and will fail to produce results.

Bills paid, books balanced, and tax returns filed.